A country I’d like to visit

I would like to visit Papua New Guinea. This country is part of an island located at the north of  Australia, in the pacific ocean. I’ve learned about this country when I was in the school, and I would like to visit this place because is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

I am very impressed with the diversity of this place, for example, there are more than 800 local languages! I can’t believe it, I’m very curious about it. I wold like to meet its people, its food, its culture, etc. and see how they live their lives, because there are totally different.

If I go there some day, I wouldn’t stay or live there, I think, it would be very difficult to live in the middle of the jungle with the native people of this place. But it seems pleasant to visit and be there a few days or weeks.

I hope this country doesn’t change its customs and keep away from the occidental people and their technologies.